Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Na que Ver!

Well this week has just been the same as the last week and the week before that ha ha. Its pretty funny out here in the mission. I really hope I get out of this sector I have been here for ever! But that's okay the ward is all right but all the cool people are in the other part of the sector that I cant go into so it kinda sucks. 

I have literally contacted every single house in my sector and I still haven't had a ton of success here. It kinda is sad but we are going to keep going hard. I just hope I can find some people soon. 

Well I washed my pants for the first time at a dry cleaner for 3 months man they sure feel and smell better! My new comp is kinda different. I kind of don't like him a whole ton but we will keep working and I learn to love him. There are very few people I can't get along with in this world and he is one of them which kinda sucks but oh well! :) 

Well Thanks for all the support and love I can`t wait to hear from you all next week! Tell me what your favorite scriptures are! I want to make a list that I can use to teach people with. Remember its not for me its for the people of Chile through your help you could really be helping someone through me so please help me with this! Remeber I will always write you eventually if you email me. So please send me email if you got some time I want to hear how you all have been! 

Out of time!
Love you all Elder Johnson

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