Monday, November 17, 2014

Sick Week!

So this week I had the chance to Baptize Ester Del Carmen Gallegillos Romero
It was a super special experience for me sepecially because of her disabilty of not being able to walk. It took two of us to get it done, but we did.  Elder More and I did it and it was hard, but in the end we where able to get it done with success. We have a couple of more dates set so hopefully they don't fall through. I have been very blessed down here in Chile and it only makes me want to work harder.

We have many plans set for this week. Sorry I can´t make this email longer but please know that I love you all and that I think about you everyday! Also, please know I am working hard out here and I appreciate all of your love, prayers and support. Hope you all have another great week this week!
Elder Johnson

Monday, November 10, 2014

Let's kick it this week!

Well I am not going to lie, I got pretty beat up this week but I made it through, though and I am not going to ever quit because I know the moment I do that is just one last chance for someone to hear the message of the restored gospel and honestly I know I was sent down here to find certain people and bless there lives forever.

I actually cried this week not going to lie. It felt really good, anyone that knows me knows that I am not a person that gets real busted up over things but I honestly couldn't handle it for some reason I got really busted up over that stuff. But I want to thank you for all your prayers I could literally feel them. I am not kidding guys.

Also another huge thing this week Elder Nelson (yes the apostle) flew down here and gave a conference to my mission and the Santiago Sur Mission. I got to shake his hand. When I shook his hand He looked at me differently than everyone else. Because a LOT of missionaries shook his hand, I could see him the entire time. I think he knew I was really going through heck and I almost started to cry when he looked down upon me. He said something different to me. It was really fast but he usually would just say (hello elder whoever) but I didn't really hear him. It was amazing and I felt so much better after that experience. It was a real blessing for me to see him and his power. This 90 year old man does not know a word of Spanish, he needed a translator to say everything. But at the end of the talk he told the translator to go away. He gave a testimony in PERFECT Spanish. He didn't make one mistake. It wasn't scripted, he couldn't even remember where he was in his own talk a couple of times so you can't say that he just remembered it. He said things that took me 8 weeks say. He really is a man of God. I KNOW this church is true and if your going through hard times sit down (or should I say, kneel down) and pray. 

Love you all and just remember I couldn't do this with out your guy´s support and prayers.
Love Elder Johnson

Elder Lance Kenneth Johnson
Chile Santiago West Mission
Casilla de Correo 149
Pajaritos 1921
MaipĂș Chile 

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Thanks Guys love you all!

Monday, November 3, 2014

A rough week ahead....

Okay... I am not going to lie to you guys. Tuesday the 4th of November is going to be a pretty rough day for me this week. But thats okay because I know that through the plan of salvation we can return to the people that we have lost in our lives. I really do miss my mom and I always want to keep working hard because I know that the harder I work the more people I will be able to help teach the message of the restoration too. That I know, and I hope you all know this, too. 

Anyway, this week wasn't super amazing or anything. I have really had to pick up the slack a little bit this week because as always you have to jump through some hoops of fire when you don´t know Spanish that well and your expected to deliver. But you know what? Thats okay because every week I make a lot of progress. 

I am sorry that I wasn't able to email you all this week. I got waked pretty hard with some other peoples emails and I wasn't able to get everyone but please realize I will for sure get to you next week. Please keep writing me guys! All of you make the mission a lot easier for me. 

Something that I've learned is that if you have any doubts about anything, just sit down (or I should say, kneel down) and pray! Trust me! It really can turn the night to day and it is a commandment from our Heavenly Father. The power of prayer is real guys. Please... remember to make this week better than last week. If your life is rough remember that life goes on and our troubles will eventually work their way out. Just make the best out of bad situations!  That's where you find real happiness. Just remember someone always has it worse than you. Count your blessings and have a great attitude towards life.

Please know that I love each one of you. I adore you guys to be honest. All of you really make it worth being out here. There have been times that I really want to just quit and "throw in" the towel because it just ain't working, but then I remember all of you. Honestly, you guys make it all so worth it. You guys make it so I don´t want to quit or give up. Make everyday better. Always pray and keep going hard and everything will be okay. Well, I'm out of things to say, so all of you have a great week and know that I miss and love you tons.

Love Elder Johnson

P.S. A Huge shout out to my friend Erika Casey on her mission call to Cali! Way to be WOMAN!