Monday, March 23, 2015

HA HA HA Whoops!!!!

Mark 16:15 "...go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel
to every creature."
Well I just looked at the photos I send you guys and they weren't the right ones. Thats bad....
Oh well sorry about that. 
Anyhow I am going to be starting a new thing every week where I compose a mass email every single week for you on paper and type it out for you guys so you guys can get some ratch emails from me that are pretty rad I guess. In my emails I will have the Foto de le semana also we gonna have the 3 sayings of the week hahah. Well for this week the three sayins is
1. I'm pretty sure this back pack is biodegradable.
2. If we rode this bike any futher today I am pretty my butt would fall off. 
3. No Enya won`t be your girlfriend after the mission.

We gonna have Rad Story time by Elder Johnson, too along with weekly states so you guys can see that I am actually working. Also we gonna have Weekly Inspirational Scripture too. pretty cool right. 
Well This week for rad story time by Elder Johnson

Well,  we had to be to lunch to this guys hobo shack by 1:00 but it was like 12 miles away from our house so we decided to head on out around 12. The other elders in our pension were coming too so that made it even better. Any way we where riding and we where like 1 mile in and all the sudden all crap broke loose. Elder Aguita got a flat so we tried fixing it for like 40 minutes. But to no avail it didn't really work so crap. So we rode back to the town to get a tire for him when my pedal decided to fall off. Haha thats right my pedal fell off what a suprise. So we went back to the house and grabbed a tool and fixed it. Then we where riding up the hill and it fell off a again so we decided to go to this ratch dude named Mayestro to have him help us out while we where there the other elders walked back to get help on there bike. It turned into a huge mess trying to get everything figured out ha ha. Man those bikes are some hardcore stuff. On the way there Brush got a flat tire too and we manged to get to lunch at 3:00 ha ha ha what a great day. 

I decided to hit the REALLY COOL DIRT PILE thing on my bike this week too and I kinda went off to fast and cased my bike and busted three spokes and bent my rim even worse so that was good. ha ha not. Good thing I got a sick video with lots of air and getting chased by dogs after words. 

As for the states we had a whole Whopping 38 people come to church this week hahaha we also managed to find 6 new people that are progressing as of right now. its super cool we still have our dates set for may for the baptisms so I am stoked about that too. 

For the scripture this week I have down Moroni 9:21 (Behold, my son, I cannot recommend them unto God lest he should smite me.- editor's note:  I thought I would be nice and post the scripture so you didn't have to look it up.  When I did, this gave me quite the laugh!!! :) I think Elder Johnson may have given me a wrong verse????  Corrections will be made when I get the correct scripture. ha ha ha)

I love this scripture and it gives me a lot of hope not only in my personal life but for all my friends going through hard times too. Well As always I love you guys tons hope to hear from you guys soon

Love Elder Johnson

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