Monday, November 10, 2014

Let's kick it this week!

Well I am not going to lie, I got pretty beat up this week but I made it through, though and I am not going to ever quit because I know the moment I do that is just one last chance for someone to hear the message of the restored gospel and honestly I know I was sent down here to find certain people and bless there lives forever.

I actually cried this week not going to lie. It felt really good, anyone that knows me knows that I am not a person that gets real busted up over things but I honestly couldn't handle it for some reason I got really busted up over that stuff. But I want to thank you for all your prayers I could literally feel them. I am not kidding guys.

Also another huge thing this week Elder Nelson (yes the apostle) flew down here and gave a conference to my mission and the Santiago Sur Mission. I got to shake his hand. When I shook his hand He looked at me differently than everyone else. Because a LOT of missionaries shook his hand, I could see him the entire time. I think he knew I was really going through heck and I almost started to cry when he looked down upon me. He said something different to me. It was really fast but he usually would just say (hello elder whoever) but I didn't really hear him. It was amazing and I felt so much better after that experience. It was a real blessing for me to see him and his power. This 90 year old man does not know a word of Spanish, he needed a translator to say everything. But at the end of the talk he told the translator to go away. He gave a testimony in PERFECT Spanish. He didn't make one mistake. It wasn't scripted, he couldn't even remember where he was in his own talk a couple of times so you can't say that he just remembered it. He said things that took me 8 weeks say. He really is a man of God. I KNOW this church is true and if your going through hard times sit down (or should I say, kneel down) and pray. 

Love you all and just remember I couldn't do this with out your guy´s support and prayers.
Love Elder Johnson

Elder Lance Kenneth Johnson
Chile Santiago West Mission
Casilla de Correo 149
Pajaritos 1921
MaipĂș Chile 

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Thanks Guys love you all!

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