Thursday, September 17, 2015

Shaken but not Baken

So as you probably may of heard there was a pretty good sized earthquake down here in Chile and you know it was a pretty good time! I am here next to the coast right now and there was a huge Tsunami warning and everything and it was looking like bad news for us that's for sure! The big old sirens were going off and everyone in Chile was going nuts. When the earthquake hit we were in these really old ghetto apartment buildings and I thought we were dead. The thing started shaking pretty stinking bad and it was making all kinds of scary noises. What's funny is we had just started the lesson and we were praying when the earthquake hit. Everyone started booking it out of the buildings. We seriously all thought that we were toast! But we were all okay after all.

When we were walking back it was chaos. Like I literally felt like I was in a war movie or something people were driving like idiots there was a couple of car wrecks and we were just booking it back to the house when we get a call that there was going to be a tsunami from our zone leaders.  Without hesitation, we knew it was time to start booking it out of the low land and start getting to the high ground.

Lucky for us our apartment was right in the Tsunami warning zone so hahahah thats a good old time right? But also lucky for us some other elders live in a really old scary apartment building a good ways up the hill. 
So we booked it for their house that is a 10 story building but is super ghetto.  All through the night we could feel the aftershocks and at one point we thought the apartments was going to fall in. But all in all it was okay haha! Well you are wondering right now why is he writing me this story on a Thursday? We got a call from the zone leaders and they told us to write are families to tell them that we are okay! 
So that's that why you got an email today!  hahaha. Also BTW there was not a tsunami here which is kinda funny
Well that's all Love you all!
Elder Johnson

Editor's Note:

Here are some links of the earthquakes that Lance felt.

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