Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bible Bashing, Big Dogs and a Hard Cover Book of Mormon

Me and my comp had one heck of an experience yesterday. This pastor dude decided he wanted to fight with us. We wanted nothing to do with him we were just walking down the road minding our own stinking business then all the sudden this dude decided he wanted to fight us or bible bash us. We where already having a cruddy day so we kinda M16'd him.... It was pretty bad but funny. He was pulling all kinds of crap on us and we were able to come up with something to respond to him. It was pretty funny. because we where both just letting him have it. 

He kept trying to accuse Joseph Smith and stuff so we started talking to him about the first vision. He said that Joseph Smith wrote the book of Mormon. but no he actually translated the book of Mormon. Then he said he read half of the book of mormon and said he didn't feel anything so I looked him in the eyes and said Mr, If you really read the book of mormon then tell me whats it about. Tell me what's in it. He didn't know what to say so I explained to him that lying is a sin and he needs to repent of that now. I also explained to him that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and so he just lied to Jesus Christ. Ohhhh he started freaking out. Then my comp asked him what the name of his church was because him being a pastor owning his one church. He said it was the church of 

Then I said thats neat, We are the Church Of Jesus Christ not the church of Pentecost. He got all mad and went running into his house. I think that's the last we will see of him. But during this whole thing he was saying all kinds of crap that  wasn't real. like Joseph Smith raped children and that when we close temples down that we rape woman and do bad stuff in the temples because he had learned all of this information from an ex member of our church. Haha right because an ex member is the person to believe when it comes to learning things about not our church but the Church of Jesus Christ. I can't believe some people.

But other than that we had a pretty good week this week. We have a baptism this friday. So we are super stoked for that. My hardback Book of mormon saved me this week from getting bit by a HUGE dog. Haha we where walking down the road and I had my hardback book of mormon in my hand and this huge dog comes running out of no where and so my comp just starts booking it. But instead of running I took three steps back stood my ground this thing comes running up and I Swing and miss this dog by about half an inch the thing turns around and starts running I chase after it until it was pretty far away. I was super happy to have my good old hardback Book of Mormon with me.

Well thats about all for now. 
I hope you have a  great week this week
Love you!
Elder Johnson

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