Monday, October 13, 2014

Lunch Time!

Haha so I got a story for you guys this week. My comp for being a trainer is really bad at being orgaized me, being the new missionary am not sure what is going on the entire time but here is what happend. So we went to a house for lunch and when we knocked on the door this guy let us in no problem so we sat down and he was talking to us and then my comp asked so whats for lunch and the guy looked at us like we where crazy and said I didn't make lunch for you guys I am not even part of your church I just let you in because I want to join your church! Ahhh! So we taught him the first lesson and we have another date for him set this t

Anyway I had been praying really hard that we could become more orgainzed this week becuase it is horrible how my comp has messed things up in this sector. It is a mess.... Well it was at least. I had a dream of a new sytem that we could use to become more orgainzed. It is hard hard to explain over email but we have made huge improvements on are lessons we were also able to managed 6 dates this week for baptisms which was huge! I am so thankful that the Lord was able to answer my prayers on how to better organize ourselves. 

Any way your advice for the week.
Pray to god (as always)
Organzation is HUGE. You can work as hard as you want but iff you are not organized you might was well shoot yourself in the foot. 
Hard work and dedication!

The spanish is coming good it is better everyday. Sorry I can´t make this one longer I have to go now but just don´t forget your friend down in Chile! I love you all and be sure to keep working hard in your own lives and try to become better!
Love Elder Johnson

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