Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sup Friends?!

Well, another great week down here in Chile, Not a whole lot happend this week but we did have some pretty soild lessons. I feel like I am starting to get the spanish down so that's nice.  Also, I am able to talk a lot more during lessons and people are able to understand me better which is also super cool. Each day gets better....which is a huge blessing for me. I got a haircut from this crazy cuban dude and it was really cool!  He used a razor blade to cut my hair and its the best haircut I have ever had.
I am still not getting as much done as I want even though I work very hard but that's alright because we will keep going and keep becoming better and better. Make each day better that's my challenge for this all that read my letter. You didn´t have a good week? You didn´t get done what you needed to this week!? Well change it up this week make this week better than the last make each day better, too.
No funny stories this week other than we found a lady that honestly believed aliens would save here and that Jesus was the master alien.  She believed that He would save us one day from the evil race of aliens that live in another galaxy. That was interesting hahahaha.... We also found a church that plays rock 'n roll music every Sunday for there meetings which is way funny haha I about died when we went walking past it. THEY WHERE GOING HARD!! The best part is they where dressed in sunday clothes like us hahahaha.
Did you know that the FLDS have missinarys too!? Neither did I!  However, I am pretty sure I saw some on the streets a couple of days ago. They have green missionary name tags instead of black and I was really confused. I didn´t get to talk to them or anything becuase they where far away but my comp told me that's what they were. I am not sure where there church is or anything down here but it was different.....that's one thing for sure...
Well as always just know I love you all and I miss all of you tons.  Please, keep writing me as you make me look foward to my p-days! Sorry for no pictures.... the computer is being stupid! So, that's all for this week and I will to you guys next week. Remember your goal: Make this week better!
Love you all!
Elder Johnson

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