Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanks...MOLD Day!!!

Well yes, This does have a good story behind it I promise! Oh goody. So we had a leak in our pension and we didn't really know where it was coming from until we decided to look under the sink. The statue with Bart and the ties is how we found it. So me and my comp went and bought that strange chileno thing they use for plumbing and I managed to replace it with a leather man and kitchen knife! But that wasn't all there was 2 leaks. The one behind the sink busted on thanks giving and thats when all heck broke loose we had to get the landlord over to help us turn off the water then we had to make a new sink because in the hustle of everything the sink busted and it just turned out it was a huge mold pit. But luckily my dad taught me a thing or two so me and my comp and some suppliles from the landlord where able figure out and repair it. 

The kitchen still smells like mold... But thats okay because it makes for a good story. Well actually just kidding you can´t see any pictures of it because the computer decided to fail once again... (what a surprise...) But next week I promise I wll send you some pictures of the good time we got to have ha ha. You just have to see the pictures to appreciate what we went through... 

I had a bunch of letters written for you guys but my comp forgot his password to the mission card so he had no money. So we had to go to the office and I wasn't able to send them today. I was pretty peeved. I mean you have been out here for 2 YEARS! You go home in 17 days. You honestly can´t remember a card number you have used for 2 Years? its four numbers.... HOW? Well maybe I need to be nicer to him or something maybe he is having a hard time accepting its time to go home. But this isn't the first stupid thing like this that has happed to him. Not to mention he has decided to go crazy because he is going home and is really non obedient now. 

The cool thing is I am now a 100% A missionary now. I am no longer in training. which is cool. Well 
as always love you guys tons I hope that you all have a wonderful week this week! I love you all Make this week better than the last. Always strive to become better. 


Elder Johnson

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