Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August 12, 2014

Ok the mtc is kinda of a drag not going to lie and it feels like we are in a prision but it is an excellent experiance that has helped me grow a lot! I will not be seding a lot of personal hand written letters becuase it is so EXPENSIVE! I spend 7000 Paso's which is about 15 bucks to send 14 letters! If you get a letter don't send one to the return adress because I am not sure if its right or not. they changed everything up around here so it's been really confusing on getting the right adresses and stuff. But I will still send a couple now and then! So heres another good story for you guys. Me and elder brooks where chillen in the front of the mtc next to the street during our lunch time after we had already ate and this werid dude started making faces at us and stuff. through the gate. I started laughing because I had been having a pretty rotten day so far and I thought he was trying to be funny or something. It was really creppy though because he just kept making that face at me... and was stiking his head through the gate. then he started danicing around and started saying a bunch of devil chants and stuff like he was trying to cast a spell or something on us and I am just super happy that I had my garments on because I know that they will protect me from things like that... I proably shouldn't of said cool Its more like really creppy. It gave me the chills literally. One of the gaurds that we have at the CCM aka MTC told us to go inside  because that guy had a gun Apperantly they had issues with this guy before.... IT was really creepy though and he was waving his hands around and doing all this werid stuff like he was trying to cast a spell on us. There is a lot a Voodo where I am going which is really creepy. Any ways Things down here are super expensive I will have to be carefule with my money or I will run out really fast. so I can't buy a whole lot of stuff. My bro Adam Mitchell gave me some great advice today in a email he told me That this mission is for the people not for me. Thats what I am going to focus on for now on I didn't come here to help it improve my life I came here to help improve other peoples lifes. I am so happy to be here. Although it is really scary around here and the dogs are EVERYWHERE! I am so happy to have two weeks down in the MTC and can't wait to really get out there. The laugague is tough not going to lie I am struggling a little bit with it. But I know through the power of the lord anything is possible. For those thinking about a mission. This is not all goodey good I just baptized 20 people in a week lots of fun easy and always doing good always happy as the movies make it look. It is a straight up crap storm out here. It is really tough and a lot of werid stuff happens I am not even going to write about some stuff I don't think that's happend to me so far and I am still in the MTC. It is not happy a lot of the time it is hard out here! But I know that at the end of each day that it is the best thing I could ever do and I know that with hardwork and dedication I can bless the lifes of people that need the gosple and I am so greatful for this. and I am so excited to acctually get out in the feild. I can't wait to hear from you all. Be good out there everyone! Love you all! 

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