Monday, September 15, 2014

El CRAPIMO (My 1st Area)

Well guess who finally made it out in the field haahha? Oh you know your friend lance here did haha OR should I say Elder Johnson!! Well anyway you are proably wondering why my email is titled El CRAPIMO it because of my house I get to stay in. Haha it is a joke! I took a million pictures of it but I forgot to bring my cable to post pictures of it on email. The thing has Razor barb wire aroud a 9 foot concreat wall and it seriously looks like a priosn. Not to mention the power system. They put like a 5 amp breaker for all the plugs in the house so if you try to run a 2 little heaters at the same time the breaker pops and all the power goes out in the plug system. Heres the best part when you go flip it it usually catches on fire and starts sparking all over the place. I would go buy a bigger breaker for it but I have no Idea where to get one. 

My compion is cool. His name is elder Kennighton. He is from north salt lake he is different but he is very good at spanish and makes my job a little easier if I get stuck in a lession. We share the CRAPIMO with 2 latinos they are funny and nice. But hard to understand. They talk really fast just like everyone else down here and they dont know any english. 

We have 3 Baptismos on the 27th Its not 100 percent for sure but I think they are going to go for it, I really whish I could show you guys pictures. I have so many stories but no time to talk. I am so sorry I didnt get to email you all this week I ran out of time because last week I didnt get to email because I entered the feild. Anyway I hope all is well at home. Not going to lie I feel a little homesick right now. The spanish is rough and the place is crazy. Not to mention it really is kinda scary here at night. Theres a bunch of gansters called Flightaes down here and they proably wouldnt think twice about killing you if you got in there way. But They do have respect for us just as long as we dont bother them. 

The people are really nice down here but they give way to big of lunches ahha you have to eat everything but honestly its TOO MUCH! Seriously they think that we are horses down here or something. Anyways I am so happy to be here and even though it is really hard and it is often not a whole lot fun I know it will be worth it in 2 years. I Love you all and I want to thank you for the support and love you guys give me 
Here are my letter address for my mission home. If you want to send me a letter here is the address. 
Por Favor post this on Facebook Annette when you get a minute. Also tell tthem I am doing well and that we are going to make it down here haha.

Elder Lance Kenneth Johnson
Chile Santiago West Mission
Casilla de Correo 149
Pajaritos 1921
MaipĂș Chile

Yes its prounced (my poo) dont worry I lauged too haha.
If you do write me ill be sure to write you back haha I promise I will send you one just it will take like 90000 million years to get to you. I will get your lettes really fast But it takes forever for you to get mine because there postage system is a joke. 

Keep writing me guys I miss you all a ton and I want to hear your storys! I love you all so much thank you for getting me out here and helping me through it I couldnt do it with out your love and support. 

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