Monday, September 22, 2014

No BBQ? No Probleemo!

Train Station....with a KFC! 
Well anyway this week has been pretty good Ill be sure to send you some pictuers here haha as you can see bajo in the picture that I sent is the view out of the front my house thing! The picture of the kids are the ones that we get to baptize this week and the one with the wheelbarrow BBQ is the BBQ I got to eat at on the 18th for the chilean independence day haha! Pretty funny right!? I got a good laugh to. 

Well anyway nothing to crazy happend this week, The power box melted and so we had to get a new one and we didnt have lights or power for a while. The Water heater broke so we had to warm up watter on the stove to wash ourselves off. Anyways I want to thank you all for your prayers you have no idea how much they have helped me out here. It really is not an easy task learning a new language its not easy when people try to talk to you and you have little to no idea what is going on. But it is really getting a lot better. I can understand most of the time what is going on which is really nice. But I am seriously thankful for all the love and support I receive from you guys. Your prayers really do make a difference.

A shot from my compound....umm....apartment
Also the place we went to at first today to email couldn't send pictures that is why I am emailing you later now. So those who got emails earlier today thats why you are getting the mass now. We are doing pretty good out here in the feild. Its pretty fun just the area I am in right now is super hard because there are a ton of Catholics and they really really really hate us. You would not believe what they say to us and what they do to us. Not to mention the Jehovah witness clan sends there group of old farts into the neighborhoods and bombs are chances of ever getting a chance to teach people. Seriously they task force the place they will send like 6 couples into one area randomly and by the time there done people want nothing to do with us because the other people just came by.... It is really annoying. Luckly they don't really bother us personally they mostly stay out of our ways but its tough to get lessons in around here and because of it. 
Beyond Red-Neck Grill in the 'Hood!

But we have still had a lot of amazing experiences out here. The food like I said isn´t to strange its just they try to feed you way to much its seriously to much to eat. But you have to eat it all because its super bad if you don´t. The food is pretty bland here for the most part it doesn't have a lot of flavor but its still not to bad I haven't had to eat anything to bad yet which is cool haha! 

Anyway keep in touch guys I want to hear from you. I have to go now but Ill be sure to write you all next wekk so keep in touch okay!? 

Anyways love ya!
Elder Johnson!  

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