Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August 5, 2014

Hey so its your home boy lance reporting from Chile today! As you guessed its ghetto as all heck down here but its been way cool! sorry for all the typos in here I have to be fast and the keyboards are super goofy down here! But any way it is amazing down here as you can tell by some of the pictures. The city is vast the first picture I took was of all the people coming to the same mission as me thats right we are all going to the west mission! The MTC is great the laungauge is defeinelty killing me off right now though but I have had a lot of great experiances and it hasnt even been a full week yet! My first companion is Elder Brooks from Brigham City Utah which is way cool! He is a great kid and has an excellent testimony to him. The city is crazy! one of the advantages we have is we get to go out to the city on Pdays and we get to walk around! Well I had an amazing mircle happen to me at the Airport when I got here. I left my binder that had my social security card and my birth certificate and my visa to chile at the airport we where in the van when I realized it and we had no way of going back back becasue of the fact that the dude driving us didnt know any english at all! So I knew I was in trouble but as soon as we got to the MTC I said a paryer and knew it would all be okay. So what happend was I told my mssion president about it and he was like yeah your kinda in the hurt locker right now dude and didn{t know what to really do. But here is the amazing part some dude came to the mtc like literally drove there and it wasnt just a short little drive around the park it was like a good 40 minute drive with traffic and droped it off at the mtc and gave it to the gards there! I know the gospel is ture! I forgot to ask what the address is but I am running out of time I hope the pictures send the email thing was freaking out. I promise to send personal emails later. I will mail personal letters next week to all of the people that gave me there addresses! Hey I want to here from you all! Tell me whats up! Also a word of wisdom if you ever come down here dont ask what the meat is that they serve here literally no joke the other day I got some kind of something that looked like beef but it had a hot dog in the middle of it some how.... I dont want to know what it was... Yes the rabie infested dogs are real out here we get to go running to a park and play soccor every day and I have already been bit twice now good thing I can run when I see a dog... The people are crazy down here too.. But I wish you all the best and I hope you guys get this love elder johnson. P.S I promise it will be longer next week the keyboards here are really werid but I am sort of getting use to it. Love you all! 
Elder's Johnson and Brooks

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